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One activity that we can do during this Covid 19 pandemic is to help bring food up to this area, both for those who are financially challenged (Food Link) and also for those who would like to order fresh produce from a farm cooperative in Orosi (Abe-El Produce).  Here is the information:

Abe-El Produce

FOODLINK Partnership


Eddie Valero, the Tulare County Supervisor. has arranged food deliveries twice a month to this area.        This is for those who are food challenged (same idea as the commodities distributions in various locations). There may be occasional difficulties with these deliveries....check this website before you come. 

If you or someone you know would like to participate in these weekly deliveries, please send contact information to Joni Jordan by either email, text or call (559-553-2225).  The deadline is noon on Wednesday.  Once you have signed up, you don't need to do so again--we'll have you on the list! If you do not come to pick up food for three weeks we will take you off the list because it is important to know how many boxes to request by the Thursday before. Note: if you want to get notifications via Facebook, please sign up on our Faceboon page. Contact Joni for more info about that.

Next, all deliveries will come to the Sequoia Community Center.  It is an easy access point and we can route traffic and do quick and easy delivery right into each person's vehicle--staying safe for all of us!

This is a new effort and the program is still being refined. Currently our distribution is on on the second and fourth Monday of the month from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Check here for updates.

For over 40 years this company has supplied fresh produce from local farmers to restaurants and school districts. Now it is also possible for individuals to order and pay for produce online at their website. Recently they have started delivering orders from our area to the Sequoia Community Center at 9:00 every other Thursday morning. Participants drive up to the covered picnic area on the side of the sports field and the order is put directly in the car. It is really good and fresh and at least 10 enthusiastic families up here have been doing this for a couple of months now. 


The website is . You can order the Valu-Box of the week for $20, and/or order from the list of over 100 items on several pages (one page has organic produce). Please contact Sulfiati at 336-9362 or Joni at 553-2225 if you have questions. Here is a flyer that Joni put together for this weeks offerings: 

Abe-El Aug 290001.jpg
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