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Invitation to the March 2 community 

Open House

Report on March 2, 2019 Open House

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A group of four people have been working on the possibility of turning the Sierra School, which has been closed down for about 8 years, into the Sierra Arts and Community Center, to serve all those up in these foothills east of Kings Canyon National Park.  The school is in Tulare County, and the Fresno County line is about a half mile away, so it straddles both counties. The local School District will let the community use the building for a nominal fee every month if they can see as the project will bring education and services to the whole community AND that the Center is supported by the community.

We had our Open House yesterday to welcome the public to the newly cleaned out school. Even though it poured rain all day we were happy with the turnout, and were honored that we had Lloyd McClard who represents Badger on the Cutler/Orosi School District Board, as well as representatives from both Tulare and Fresno Counties at the meeting (Eddie Valero, county supervisor for District 4 in Tulare County, and Bret Rush who was representing Nathan Magsig, the county supervisor for District 5 in Fresno County).  People started to arrive promptly at 2:00 and we were thrilled to have visitors from the various groups in the area, the ranchers, such as the Hare Krishna community, the Subud group, the artists, and the NASA scientists… is an interesting and varied community!


When the school was still in session Jane Ziegler (and Mahalia LoMele and others) worked with the students to create giant puppets for a production of “The Magic Flute”.  Earlier we found the puppets in the basement and Jane happily set them up on the stage as you can see.  Also check out the brainstorming of ideas on the whiteboard. 


Lots of ideas, lots of happiness and a sweet get together on a rainy March afternoon.  Altogether a celebration of Spring and the possibility of new growth in this area.

--Sulfiati Harris


Background info

Open House March 2

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We mingled and then had a meeting to discuss ideas.
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District 4 Supervisor Eddie Valero speaks to us of support available to the community.
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Conversations continued till after 4:00, and we were happy!
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