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Donations can be made via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button, or by mailing a check made out to Sequoia Community Center to 50151 Whitaker Forest Road, #1, Badger CA 93603. 

Monthly pledges to Boost the Rooster are very helpful, and as a thank you we will mail the Gazette directly to you. 

To become a booster with automatic payments you should click on the Donate button below. This will require you to open a PayPal account.

Or you can pledge to mail monthly checks...just contact sulfiati@gmail with your information, or text 559-909-5602. 


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To contact the editor, please email or text her cell:


You can also find us at the Sequoia Community Center Facebook page.

The Community Center site is still listed online as Sierra School on google maps. Again, the address is 50151 Whitaker Forest Road, Badger CA 93603.

Our WISH LIST for in kind donations includes laptops in great condition, gardening tools and plants for our landscaping. For instance look at the lovely plants lower right that were donated by the Squaw Valley Garden Club!!

Garden club Plants_.jpg