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June Meetings

We mailed an invitation postcard to 800 households in the zip codes for Dunlap, Miramonte (including Pinehurst) and Badger, as well as Kings Canyon. The meeting on June 1 was to gather people to help us form the non-profit organization for the Community Center. The meeting on June 8 was to Plan Programs. Both were well attended by members of all the local geographic and interest groups in this area.

June 1st meeting outcomes: We again had Eddie Valero with us and he led us in an activity to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Concerns inherent in this project. Then we formed committees to work on Formation of the Non-Profit, Communications and Fundraising.

June 8th outcomes: We changed the name of the Community Center, through a process of meeting and listening carefully to each other. The new name, with unanimous approval is the Sequoia Community Center.

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