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The Survey

The Cutler/Orosi Joint Unified School District is interested in having the school be used as a community center, for a nominal monthly fee so long as what happens there is for the benefit and education of the local communities in both Tulare and Fresno Counties. However, they need to know that a significant number of people living in the area are interested.  We mailed surveys to 400 people in the area and also held three meetings in different parts of the community to get input before the surveys were due. 

Here is a summary of responses and the conclusions drawn from these responses:


Response highlights:


“Would a community center would be a benefit to the community”

In response to this question – 71% Strongly Agree / 15% Mildly Agree for a total agreement of 86%.  Of the 5% who “Strongly Disagree”, it seems 3 of these respondents misread the options, as they also marked all the activities they would participate in.


Responses show a strong desire for sharing community experiences, in the form of shared meals and project participation as well as taking classes and attending events.


There is also a strong desire for access to health services with a high level of interest in alternative healing and well-being practices.  Seeking help shows up as 33% concern for addiction issues, 29% desiring Family Counseling and 40% wishing to attend support groups.


Lack of employment concerns 74% of respondents.




In conclusion, there is strong evidence for both enthusiastic support and expression of need that can potentially be provided by developing a community center in the Sierra School.


There are two PDF buttons below. The first is the Survey itself, and the second is the survey responses, summarized by Total number of responses and % of responses for each question and comments collected from the surveys.

Double click on the pdf icon to download the survey

Double click on the pdf icon to download the survey results.

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